Sea Swimming

 While staying with us here in the Wilton Hotel take advantage of taking a dip in the Irish Sea.


Benefits of Sea Swimming

 Your mind and body will thank you. Most people will tell you all about the incredible natural high you get after coming out of the water, but you have more to gain than an adrenaline rush. Sea Swimming supports your immune system as well as do wonders for your mental health.

Some Tips for Swimming In the Sea

  • Never Swim alone, it is safer to have someone with you.
  • Always check the weather &  tides before you set off.
  • You don't have to be decked out in all the gear just a towel & your togs will do.
  • Always Swim diagonally to the beach front.
  • After getting out try your best to warm up, do a few jumping jacks or run on the spot or even bring a hot water bottle or hot flask.
  • Pace yourself, every time you get into the water you will ask yourself 'why am i doing this??' but take some deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth and Just Let Go!!!

Bray Also has a Sea Swimming Club on Facebook that might interest you if you wish to meet up with them.


Some of the Gorgeous Beaches in the Wicklow Area.


Bray Beach 3km


Greystones Beach 7km


Brittas Bay Beach 42km


Silver Strand 37km


Magheramore Beach 36km